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Misgund Boerdery is situated in the Tulbagh region and has 69.7 hectares in production. Misgund exports Pome & Stone fruit. The farm obtains water from the Witzenberg Mountains. To be more sustainable, no electricity is used to pump water to orchards – Misgund rather makes use of gravity. To avoid polluting water sources on the farm, there is one filling point where a French drain has been implemented.

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We are deeply committed to environmental sustainability. We recognise that protecting our natural resources is not only crucial but also a global priority. To ensure we uphold this responsibility, we actively use the CCC carbon calculator, enabling us to closely monitor our impact on the environment and work towards changing the course of climate change – Misgund Boerdery

Misgund Boerdery's Sustainability Initiatives

Misgund Boerdery is committed to reducing their carbon footprint through sustainable practices.

Efficient Fuel Use

Misgund limits unnecessary driving and innovative planning saves the farm a lot of fuel.

Water Stewardship

Gravitation is used to distribute water. Water is only given when required by using probes. Misgund does not use water in their packhouse.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Misgund recycles both organic and some inorganic waste. Organic waste (fruit) is given to the cattle on the farm. Plastic is recycled through “Drommasjien”.

Improving Soil Health

Mulching is used; Misgund covers the ground with hay to keep the moisture locked. This prevents weeds from growing and decomposes into compost.

Promoting Biodiversity

Misgund removes invasive alien plants (IAP) themselves. The farm welcomes the Department of Agriculture’s workforce on the farm for (IAP) removal. In addition to this, Misgund makes use of biological pest control rather than synthesized products.

Reports, Certificates and/or Case Studies

Carbon footprint report

Carbon footprint certificate

Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Misgund Boerdery - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Misgund Boerdery - Carbon Footprint - Blue North

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