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The Kirsten family has been farming table grapes in the beautiful and historical town of Paarl since 1916. This legacy, which spans over a century, continues today with the fourth generation currently at the helm of the business. Brothers Altus and Niël Kirsten both have equal shares in JDK, which currently consist of four farms. Together they follow in their late father JD’s footsteps in further growing the JDK brand with a continued focus on quality and sustainability.

3 Year Label - Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Carbon Footprint - Blue North

jdk a Carbon Hero

At JDK, we believe that measuring our carbon footprint enables us to understand our inputs better and helps us identify the greatest contributors to our carbon footprint. We have a philosophy in the business: “wat jy meet sal jy weet” (what you measure, you will know) and the carbon footprint enables us to measure accurately what our contribution is and benchmark ourselves against other farms. It also highlights potential areas of concern, or areas where we can improve, thus stimulating an attitude of continuous improvement towards our carbon footprint – JDK

JDK'S Sustainability Initiatives

JDK values quality, efficiency, integrity, sustainability, and innovation. JDK’s main goal is to be a sustainable producer of premium quality grapes to their customers.

Efficient Fuel Use

JDK limits unnecessary driving (GPS installed in each vehicle with tracking device) and the farm has implemented a speed cap on their farm vehicles.

Reduced Synthetic Fertiliser

Since 2015, JDK has been actively improving the soil quality on their farms. JDK has been able to reduce their use of synthetic fertilisers through this soil health approach.

Biodiversity Management

JDK regularly removes invasive alien plants from their dams and from ravines on Paarl Mountain, thus contributing to biodiversity management.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling of general waste is done on all JDK’s farms. All inorganic materials derived from packhouses are recycled. All proceeds from recycled waste are converted into funds for the community to purchase food vouchers.

Improved Soil Health

Compost and cover crops improve JDK’s soil health as it decomposes and increases soil organic matter and improves soil structure. JDK also allows certain weeds and natural vegetation to grow in the vineyard that do not compete with the vines.

Water Wise

JDK uses water wisely through a scientific approach to irrigation by using DFM probe technology in the vineyards. Furthermore, JDK protects their natural resources and dams by ensuring alien vegetation is removed regularly.

Reports, Certificates and/or Case Studies

Carbon footprint certificates

Sustainability case study

Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - JDK - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - JDK - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - JDK - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - JDK - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - JDK - Carbon Footprint - Blue North

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Through this digital recognition platform, we celebrate the Carbon Heroes taking part in the Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative for their considerable effort in calculating and understanding their carbon emissions.

Each Carbon Hero has their own digital QR code that can be displayed on their website and other marketing material, linking directly to their individual profile on the Carbon Heroes website.

The QR code provides a simple and innovative way for customers to learn about each Carbon Hero’s carbon offsetting and other sustainability initiatives, as well as engage with them on social media and other marketing channels.

With the Carbon Heroes QR code we aim to support a global transition towards sustainable development by recognising and celebrating the positive environmental impact of each Carbon Hero. By having a transparent display of their commitment to reducing emissions, Carbon Heroes demonstrate their dedication to a sustainable future, while building trust in their brand.

Find out more about the Carbon Heroes and CCC

Carbon Heroes is a recognition platform built on the ethos of transparency and trust. While only emissions datasets graded by Blue North qualify for the platform, we do not independently verify all the information our Heroes choose to post. By signing up to the platform each Carbon Hero acknowledges that they are responsible for the information they share and that, by sharing their sustainability credentials, their information is in the public domain and open to be scrutinised. We welcome such scrutiny. We have a clear set of guidelines for the use of the platform and the qualification for the various digital labels, and reserve the right to revoke the use of the platform where it is found these guidelines are not being followed and/or the information posted is misaligned with the stated ethos. Thank you for helping us maintain the integrity of the Carbon Heroes platform and our efforts to promote greater transparency and sustainability.