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About Avinier

Avinier is a leading blueberry producer dedicated and driven towards continuous improvements and achieving top quality standards in providing their global partners with premium quality fruit. Avinier started to plant blueberry plants in 2015, and has been producing top quality fruit ever since. Avinier continues to be one of the leaders in South African and International farming whilst creating numerous jobs and making a sustainable impact in their surrounding communities, as well as the environment.

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Avinier a Carbon Hero

Avinier's Sustainability Initiatives

Avinier’s sustainability journey is guided by good agricultural practices and they strive to make good progress toward achieving their commitments. Avinier has broadened their mission to protect the environment and continue to accelerate in innovative farming, and nature, with the aim of making sustainability the core of their business strategy. Avinier achieves the right focus and investment in the industry to drive change and impact. Their sustainability performances describe how they work with social, ethical, and environmental commitments.

Solar Energy

Avinier is currently in the process of installing Solar Panel Systems on the farm starting with the Irrigation System/Pumphouse. All the external lights on the farm run on Solar Energy.

Fuel Wise

Avinier is currently researching different options to switch from fuel powered machinery and equipment to electrical and hydrogen-powered tractors. Due to loadshedding, the farm has adjusted their Fertilizer System running times to run when there is no loadshedding and to avoid using generators.

Water Wise

Avinier reduces the consumption of water for irrigation through irrigation management and timed applications of the correct amount of water needed. This is also achieved through soil management and weather monitoring. Their focus is also on reducing direct and indirect contamination of water bodies. These practices also help to improve the efficient and safe use of water resources to grow crops.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The purpose of Avinier’s Waste Management Strategy is to manage the waste (non-hazardous and hazardous) associated with the daily operations of the farm, which minimises risks to human health and the environment. By making use of recycling and re-use initiatives, Avinier aims to reduce their waste by 50% by 2029. They are currently operating on an 80% electronic paperless quality system. The farm reuses any irrigation, infrastructure, equipment material and parts, in maintenance and repairs. Empty chemical containers on the farm are disposed of as per procedure where the certified company collects and recycles the empty containers. Orchard waste is sent to the packhouse.

Promoting Soil Health

For good and healthy soil practices, Avinier makes use of guidance from their Technical Advisors. As the farm is set out in terraces, trenches are dug in the event of heavy rain to guide the water flow and avoid any soil erosion. Soil samples are taken in accordance with the farm’s risk assessment analysis and tested by an accredited laboratory. Soil trend analysis is drawn up and monitored with each test taken.

Promoting Biodiversity

Avinier’s objectives are to actively aid in the improvement of indigenous biodiversity within and around the site by; removing all invasive alien plant species, improving the ecosystem function of natural landscapes and their associated vegetation, ensuring minimal disturbance to vegetation, protecting endangered plant/animal species and preventing any litigation concerning removal of vegetation, planting Lemon Basil to create a habitat for pollinators, and through the use of Natural Bee Hotels to attract pollinators and predators, which is beneficial to pest management.

Reports, Certificates and/or Case Studies

Carbon footprint certificate

Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - DeMorgenzon - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - DeMorgenzon - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Avinier - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Avinier - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Avinier - Carbon Footprint - Blue North

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Through this digital recognition platform, we celebrate the Carbon Heroes taking part in the Confronting Climate Change (CCC) Initiative for their considerable effort in calculating and understanding their carbon emissions.

Each Carbon Hero has their own digital QR code that can be displayed on their website and other marketing material, linking directly to their individual profile on the Carbon Heroes website.

The QR code provides a simple and innovative way for customers to learn about each Carbon Hero’s carbon offsetting and other sustainability initiatives, as well as engage with them on social media and other marketing channels.

With the Carbon Heroes QR code we aim to support a global transition towards sustainable development by recognising and celebrating the positive environmental impact of each Carbon Hero. By having a transparent display of their commitment to reducing emissions, Carbon Heroes demonstrate their dedication to a sustainable future, while building trust in their brand.

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Carbon Heroes is a recognition platform built on the ethos of transparency and trust. While only emissions datasets graded by Blue North qualify for the platform, we do not independently verify all the information our Heroes choose to post. By signing up to the platform each Carbon Hero acknowledges that they are responsible for the information they share and that, by sharing their sustainability credentials, their information is in the public domain and open to be scrutinised. We welcome such scrutiny. We have a clear set of guidelines for the use of the platform and the qualification for the various digital labels, and reserve the right to revoke the use of the platform where it is found these guidelines are not being followed and/or the information posted is misaligned with the stated ethos. Thank you for helping us maintain the integrity of the Carbon Heroes platform and our efforts to promote greater transparency and sustainability.