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About Agristar

Agristar, a fourth-generation farming business was founded in 1948, starting with Sugarcane and Subtropical fruit in the eastern regions of Mpumalanga. Today they specialize in growing, processing and marketing tree nuts of the highest quality. The founder of their company was one of the first farmers to plant Macadamia nuts in Mpumalanga. In addition to this, he is a founding member of SAMAC. According to Agristar, the business has enjoyed contributing to South Africa’s tree nut industry for more than half a century and they continue to support this growing and prosperous industry.

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Agristar a Carbon Hero

Agristar adheres to strict environmental guidelines and they are firmly focused on striving for more environmentally friendly farming methods and the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Agristar's Sustainability Initiatives

Agristar develops tree nurseries close to their farms and manufacture their own compost. Their trees receive the best of care, with minimum impact on the environment. Using the best soil management practices, water conservation technology, and integrated pest management programs, Agristar treads lightly on the environment. Pest management is an integrated process and they have found that through regular scouting, reactive management and encouraging a balanced ecosystem, they keep intervention to a minimum without sacrificing quality. In addition to their integrated farming methods, Agristar continuously removes alien vegetation for the natural fauna and flora to thrive. All their farms have indigenous wildlife reserves to support the wildlife in the area. They also have a program to plant more indigenous trees to further conserve the natural environment.

Organic Fertiliser

Agristar implemented effective micro-organisms, which they brew themselves, as well as composting to enhance fertilizer uptake and promote soil health.

Optimising Irrigation

With the use of probes in the orchard, Agristar manages optimal irrigation.

Promoting Soil Health

Cover crops are planted in the orchards, which are mulched. Trichoderma is used to stimulate root growth and out-compete negative pathogens.

Ecological and Wildlife Havens

Agristar has implemented bee gardens in designated areas on their farms. In the undeveloped areas of their farms, Agristar preserves ecological and wildlife havens. They make use of a biological, organic IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program.

Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Agristar Holdings - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Agristar Holdings - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Agristar Holdings - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Agristar Holdings - Carbon Footprint - Blue North
Sustainability - Carbon Heroes - Agristar Holdings - Carbon Footprint - Blue North

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